Biopharma Informatics Specialist

The Biopharma Informatics Specialist will provide expertise in developing data processing workflows to support assays for MOBILion Systems’ customers throughout biopharma discovery, development, and manufacturing. The candidate will help to build informatics tools capable of translating raw ion mobility and mass spectrometry data into actionable results. They will be responsible for identifying, researching, implementing, and de-risking technologies to be incorporated into MOBILion products. The candidate will serve as a subject matter expert that advises the team on key technical decisions, guides initial proof of concept processing of data from MOBILion’s instruments, and shares results back to the product development team and scientific community on the outcomes of these efforts. The Biopharma Informatics Specialist will interact with scientists and engineers across the Company to inform the development and implementation of informatics tools for the analysis of complex data sets.

Areas of Responsibility:

IMS and MS Technical Domain Knowledge: 25%

Verification/Validation of Commercial SW Tools for Target Workflows: 50%

Algorithm Development and Prototyping of Novel Data Processing Approaches: 25%


  • Evaluate, validate, and recommend improvements to existing software workflows using existing 3rd party tools
  • Lead the design and development of new data workflows to support processing of data generated with MOBILion ion mobility mass spectrometry instrumentation
  • Leverage internal and external resources to provide a framework for more efficient data analysis and more comprehensive data evaluation
  • Improve data utilization by internal and external customers to reduce knowledge gaps around data analysis
  • Guide implementation of new tools for enhanced data and results visualization
  • Support the development of presentations and reports documenting results generated from MOBILion data
  • Understand the ion mobility and mass spectrometry technology spaces and how these technologies can be leveraged to provide solutions in various applications
  • Advise and guide the implementation of data processing and reporting approaches by MOBILion’s software development team
  • Participate in technical design reviews of customer data sets
  • Attend key industry conferences to develop an industry presence and stay current with ongoing data processing developments.
  • Work within an interdisciplinary team to achieve strategic, operational, and technical objectives
  • Adhere to policies, procedures, and protocols to ensure compliance with regulatory and industry standards and practices.
  • Occasional travel as needed.

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • MS or PhD in a relevant scientific discipline or 8+ years’ experience in an industrial role supporting biopharma discovery and development
  • Proven track record of translating ion mobility and/or mass spectrometry data into useful results for biopharma applications
  • Significant experience pre-processing mass spectral data to enhance downstream analytics
  • Strong basis in statistical analysis and design of experiments
  • Understanding of technology/application fit for various mass spectrometry systems (i.e. QTOF, QQQ, Orbitrap, etc.)
  • Able to manage small to medium projects with minimal guidance (project management)
  • Strong written and oral communication skills to communicate ideas, designs, and results to internal stakeholders
  • Initiate, direct, and execute scientific research with an emphasis on developing next generation data processing technologies, trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Influence the scientific community and market via patents, publications, and conference presentations
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively on cross-functional project teams
  • Ability to work within the United States
  • Willing to relocate to the Chadds Ford, PA region

Preferred Qualifications

  • Understanding of ion mobility separation principles
  • Familiarity with proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and glycomics raw data processing, interpretation, and visualization 
  • Familiarity with standard software testing processes/procedures/tools; preferably demonstrated experience performing verification and/or validation for commercial software
  • Excellent critical thinking and scientific skills, and a demonstrated ability to clearly communicate complex data and results
  • Experience coding in Python, R or other relevant programming languages
  • Proficient in the use of data processing tools such as Skyline, MassHunter Qual/Quant, IM Browser, MassProfiler, LipidAnnotator, Bioconfirm, OpenMS, and KNIME
  • Working knowledge of XML and SQL database implementation and curation
  • Ability to communicate effectively in front of company clients
  • He/she must have an intellectual curiosity and be active in the company by observing and asking questions to learn.

Key Relationships

Internal Interactions:

  • Research & Development
  • Product development
  • Applications development

External Interactions: 

  • Mass Spec Vendors
  • Scientific Community
  • Academic/Industry Collaborators


Cultural, Behavioral and General Characteristics

  • Integrity
  • Collaborative
  • High work standard/work ethic
  • Innovativeness & creativity
  • Self-sufficient, self-driven, self-motivated (work with minimal supervision)
  • Curiosity
  • Ability to quickly learn SLIM technology and apply it
  • Ability to think through complex issues and solve problems
  • Desire to share information and support a transparent culture
  • Technical translation


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Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Philadelphia Area

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