It's time for a revolution in disease prediction, diagnosis, and treatment

The Challenge

Genomics is often viewed as the missing key to improve how we predict, diagnose and treat disease; however, only a small minority of diseases are directly linked to gene mutations.

In order to truly combat disease, we need to look beyond genomics to the study of proteins, lipids, metabolites and other molecules that have the potential to be more indicative of disease.

Identifying disease signatures relies on detection of biologic molecules beyond the genome, yet today’s instruments lack the resolution to identify many of them.

MOBILion's Solution

Based on SLIMTM (Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation) technology, MOBILion's analytical instruments provide unprecedented sensitivity, resolution, and throughput that will fuel the development of better therapeutics, the ability to detect disease earlier, and the power to attack diseases at their roots instead of their symptoms.

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