The Next Generation of
Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

MOBILion Systems is disrupting the separations game, enhancing the way we characterize biotherapeutics and identify biomarkers. Our best-in-class SLIM-based High-Resolution Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry (HRIM-MS) instruments separate and identify molecules that current platforms fail to detect — with faster analysis and simpler workflows.


Filling characterization gaps, bringing biologic drugs to market faster, and accelerating biomarker discoveries.


MOBIE separates and identifies molecules other instruments fail to detect, with unprecedented resolution.


Perform analysis in minutes, not hours. Run 1,000 samples/week vs. 1,000 samples/year. Get information sooner, decisions faster.


Reduce reliance on liquid chromatography with digitized separations and easily transferable methods.

Hurrah for HRIM

Thanks to HRIM-MS, MOBIE lets you characterize your biologics like never before, with extreme resolution, speed, and reproducibility.


Run routine characterization assays in minutes on a single instrument. Perform intact and subunit analysis in two minutes, peptide mapping in under 20 and released glycan analysis in just two minutes.


Save time, space and resources — and gain more information on structure that other platforms can’t provide.


MOBIE’s software-driven digital separations allow for simpler and faster method development using instant information from the real-time display.

The Skinny on SLIM

SLIM-based HRIM-MS is the driving technology behind MOBIE. SLIM stands for Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation. Pioneered by world-renowned chemist Dr. Richard D. Smith, SLIM provides unprecedented capability to separate and detect biologically relevant molecules.


By using an ion path 12 times longer than other ion mobility technologies, the chance of separating molecules based on size and structure is greater. But how do you fit a 13-meter ion path into the lab?


Make ions turn corners instead of traveling on a straight path. Propelled by electric fields, ions can travel losslessly along a serpentine path without striking surfaces, enabling unprecedented separation and resolution.


With MOBIE, ions travel along a 13-meter pathlength, the longest in the industry — all in a device about the size of a briefcase.

Get better, faster, more reproducible results with MOBIE®

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