ASMS2021 RecaP

When we started on the path to developing our first high resolution ion mobility product in 2018, there was no way that we could have envisaged having to launch it to a virtual audience who were unable to get up close and personal to see and experience the game-changing capabilities for themselves.

However, patience is a virtue, and we were thrilled to finally introduce MOBIE® to the industry and meet everyone at the first in-person ASMS event since 2019 and celebrate the 69th year of the show with all of our colleagues in the mass spec industry.

While we have been lucky enough to attend a few face-to-face trade shows in 2021 (restrictions permitting), the whole team here at MOBILion Systems had really been building up to ASMS – not least because it was right here in our backyard in Philadelphia!

Here’s a roundup of our exciting week at the show…

Videos and Interviews

ASMS 2021 Highlights
Prof. John McLean, Vanderbilt University
Dr. Melissa Sherman, CEO MOBILion
Baljit Ubhi, VP of Strategic Marketing MOBILion


A Study of Ion Statistics and Optimized Data Treatment for HRIM-MS and LC-HRIM_MS Data

Optimizing of data pre-processing parameters on the first commercial SLIM-based HRIM-MS platform for targeted and untargeted analysis workflows.

High Resolution Ion Mobility via Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation to Interrogate Glycopeptide Heterogeneity

Analyses of highly similar glycopeptides via high resolution ion mobility to rapidly determine microheterogeneity for both N- and O-linked glycopeptides

A Complete Analytical and Bioinformatics Solution for High-Throughput Biotherapeutic Glycosylation Profiling Using High-Resolution Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry (HRIM-MS)

Liquid-Chromatography High-Resolution Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry (LC-HRIM-MS) analysis and Protein Metrics HRIM workflows allow for high throughput characterization of protein glycosylation.

Gangliosides Characterization and Isomer Separation using High Resolution Ion Mobility (HRIM)-Mass Spectrometry (MS)

Characterizing gangliosides using high-throughput LC-HRIM-MS platform with identification of well-resolved potential isomeric species.

Simulation Study of a SLIM Ion Mobility Filter Analyzer

First report of a SLIM-based spatial ion mobility analyzer capable of transmitting a continuous ion beam

Structural Analysis of Intact Tau by High Resolution Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry

Here we demonstrate the capabilities of HRIM-MS to distinguish potentially disease-relevant isoforms of recombinant tau.

Additive Manufacturing for Accelerating Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry Instrument Development

Implementation of 3D printed protypes in high vacuum instrumentation, leveraging acetone vapor smoothing to eliminate virtual leaks.

Interlaboratory Performance Characterization Study of the First Commercial SLIM-based High-Resolution Ion Mobility Platform

First report of quantitative performance metrics measured across multiple systems for a commercial SLIM-based HRIM device.

Performance Enhancement Using Automated Pressure Control Systems for SLIM Ion Mobility Systems

Automated pressure control system significantly improves the performance of SLIM for high resolution ion mobility separations

Native Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Analysis Enables Preclinical Profiling of Covalent Drug Candidates for ALS Treatment

Native protein analysis enabled by Ion Mobility-MS—demonstrate the efficacy of a new ALS drug candidate.

Performance Evaluation of a Prototype Combined 1 m Constant Field and 1 & 10 m Oscillating Field Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations IM-MS

Initial developments towards a SLIM IMS device having both oscillating (traveling wave) and constant drift field regions.

High-precision, high-resolution ion mobility: how standardizing relative mobilities can push the frontiers of isomer-specific assays

SLIM-based instrument was used to yield high-precision, relative mobilities. We propose a framework for standardizing relative mobilities.

Improved Separation of Isomers from Total Lipid Fractions via High Resolution Ion Mobility (HRIM) Incorporating Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation

High resolution SLIM TWIM resolves numerous isomeric lipids from biological lipid fractions over conventional resolution IM.

Analysis of Ceramide Phosphoethanolamine and Cardiolipin Lipids on a Prototype High Resolution Ion Mobility SLIM Instrument

Characterization and CCS measurements of cardiolipin and ceramide phosphoethanolamine lipids using a new prototype high-resolution SLIM-based ion mobility-mass spectrometer.

Lipid Collision Cross Section Calibration Strategies for High Resolution SLIM-based Traveling Wave Ion Mobility Separations

Investigation of calibration strategies and calibrant sets for traveling wave ion mobility measurements of lipids on a SLIM device.

#wheresmobie Challenge

Thank you to all of the players for making the first #wheresmobie challenge such a success! We had over 100 participants with a combined total of 665 challenge submissions. We can’t wait to see what next year brings, so stay tuned for the next #wheresmobie challenge.