About Us

MOBILion Systems Inc. was founded to develop structures for lossless ion manipulation (SLIM) as a platform technology for lossless ion transfer, manipulation, and ion mobility separations. The ability to analyze biologic samples rapidly, inexpensively and with high sensitivity and resolution will revolutionize how we predict, diagnose and treat disease.

The technology is based on work from the laboratory of Dr. Richard D. Smith, a world-renowned researcher in ion manipulation, high resolution separations, and mass spectrometry at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


Melissa Headshot

Melissa Sherman, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Melissa has a successful track record of building and advancing early stage businesses that are based on high value, breakthrough science in the regulated medical products sector. Melissa will lead MOBILion into the future with her passion for building businesses, her visionary leadership, and her unmatched ability to execute tactically.

Laura Headshot

Laura Suhadolnik Maxon

Business Development Lead

Laura will help commercialize SLIM technology in markets where it will propel science for enhancing disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Laura’s experience in mass spectrometry sales, product management, and strategy development at GlaxoSmithKline and Waters Corporation, along with her Biomedical Engineering degree from Drexel University, have given her the skill set to not only understand the technology, but also to identify in which applications it will have the highest impact for our customers.

Ahmed Headshot

Ahmed Hamid, PhD

Senior Scientist and SLIM Expert

Ahmed is an expert in instrument development and brings both his knowledge and passion to MOBILion in order to pave the road for commercial use of high resolution ion mobility instruments, in particular SLIM-based instruments. He previously was a postdoctoral research associate with Richard D. Smith at PNNL and R. Graham Cooks at Purdue.

Liulin Headshot

Liulin Deng, PhD

Senior Scientist and SLIM Expert

Liulin is passionate in the development of instrumentation using ion mobility and mass spectrometry; his interests are SLIM Ion Mobility, Ion Funnel, Time-of-Flight and Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers. He joins MOBILion to commercialize SLIM IM-MS hybrid technologies for ultrahigh sensitivity and super high resolution ion mobility-mass spectrometry separation and to explore IM-MS instrumentation methods for ultra-high throughput applications in system-biology studies. Liulin was previously a postdoctoral research associate with Richard D. Smith at PNNL.

Katie Headshot

Katie Spruance

Business Operations Manager

Katie has a passion for organizational efficiency and building companies from the ground up. Her business acumen and her ability to connect with and motivate people will propel MOBILion toward achieving the organization’s business goals on time and on budget.

Kelly Headshot

Kelly Wormwood, PhD Candidate

Applications Scientist

Kelly is leading MOBILion’s application development, working with industry collaborators to develop methods to demonstrate SLIM’s separation capabilities with biological samples. Kelly is leveraging her Ph.D. research experience, where under the direction of Dr. Costel Darie, she used mass spectrometry to identify protein biomarker signatures for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Kelly has a passion for applying SLIM-mass spectrometry to help solve complex problems in the medical field.

Advisory Board

Albin Headshot

Michael Albin, PhD

A member of both MOBILion’s Advisory Board and Board of Directors, Michael has over 30 years of experience in the development and commercialization of technologies for the life sciences. Following a Ph.D. in chemistry at Pennsylvania State University and postdoctoral research in biochemistry at the California Institute of Technology, Michael worked at Applied Biosystems Inc rising to the role of VP of Science and Technology and then VP of Strategic Technologies of the parent company Applera Corp, an S&P 500 company. In recent years, Michael has worked as a private consultant focusing on technical and strategic assessments and the positioning of a wide range of companies in the life sciences, molecular diagnostics, and personalized medicine sectors.

Speicher Headshot

David Speicher, PhD

David received his PhD in Biochemistry from Pennsylvania State University, followed by postdoctoral training at Yale Medical School. He is currently the Caspar Wistar Professor and Director of the Systems and Computational Biology Center, as well as Scientific Director of the Proteomics and Metabolomics Laboratory at the Wistar Institute. His research focuses on improving proteomics and mass spectrometry methods, and applying state-of- the-art proteomics and metabolomics approaches to diverse biomedical research problems.

Martin Headshot

Stephen Martin, PhD

Steve received his BS in Chemistry from Boston University in 1980 and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from MIT in the lab of Professor Klaus Biemann in 1984. Steve’s career interests and passions are the development and application of analytical technologies and workflows to address critical challenges in the fields of life sciences while building high performance teams. His current roles involve leading a global innovative team of experts in diverse fields of technology, supporting the early drug discovery efforts of our research community, and overseeing The Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR) intrapreneurship endeavor - NIBR Genesis Labs (NGL).